School Visits

I love meeting kids and getting them excited about writing!

Invite me to your school for:

  • Large assembly: I’ll talk about being an author, show how a picture book is made, and answer questions.
  • Classroom writing workshops: I teach kids about plot structure and give them an easy way to create their own narrative stories. My workshop is aligned with the Common Core writing standards for grades 3, 4, and 5.

A half-day visit ($300) can consist of either: A) a large assembly and one workshop; or B) three classroom workshops.

A full-day visit ($500) allows for a large assembly and four workshops.

I will travel up to 200 miles from the Atlanta area. Travel costs will be added for trips of more than 30 miles.

To schedule a school visit, contact me at dori (at) dorikleber (dot) com.

I wanted to thank you for visiting our fourth grade class. We all enjoyed your lesson and I was very impressed with its effectiveness. All of my students were so engaged and eager to develop their own stories. It provided a way to teach writing with fun. It seems a lot of the lessons we teach in writing become exhausting to our students, but this was very interactive and all of my students wanted to participate. When you left, we came away with a strategy to develop our own stories. Thank you again for visiting us and I hope you can join us again!
— Tammy Robbins, Spindale Elementary School, Spindale, N.C.